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ZF2-logoLearning ZF2 should be fun! You can now learn it from the author of “Migrating From ZF1 to ZF2”, (a php[architect] guide – soon to be released). Bart McLeod has a practical approach to teaching and will help you understand complex subjects so that they will appear to be natural and simple.

There is no doubt that learning to master ZF2 now, will be profitable to you and advance your career as a web developer. ZF2 is a full-stack MVC framework. It is mature, it is ready for the enterprise. During the training you learn everything you need to know to be productive in building ZF2 web applications.

To follow a training you have two options:

  1. Remote training using Citrix GoToTraining (eight sessions of two hours).
  2. Classroom training (four sessions of four hours)

Currently you can not book any training. The reason is I received no feedback about the training setup described on this page. You can provide feedback by commenting on this page. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. One of the things I am currently considering is to teach distinct small blocks (for a small price) instead of the full trainings proposed on this page.

A link to book your classroom training will be provided soon.

Remote training: $ 495 (USD) per participant (excl. VAT).
Classroom training: € 695 (EURO) per participant (excl. VAT)

Remote training is on Wednesday from 9 pm (21:00u) to 11 pm (23:00u) GMT+1 starting Februari 12, 2014.

Classroom training blocks will be scheduled on fridays in Februari and March 2014. Dates to be announced. The location will be near Arnhem, The Netherlands.

Extra benefits for early birds:
Those who book a classroom training before the dates are final can choose one of the following as a free bonus:

  1. Zend Certification voucher, which can be either used for a regular php certifcation or a ZF2 certifcation ($ 195 (USD) of value).
  2. An individual license for PhpStorm, the best IDE in the market.

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