artist && geek

Hi, I’m Bart McLeod. It so happens that I have two professions: I paint (and learn to sculpt in wood) and I also love to program stuff in php and more specifically, Zend Framework.

I am also a fan of WordPress, the great blogging tool. It is the tool that this landing page uses.

To see paintings by Bart McLeod, the artist, then continue to my painting catalog.

Are you looking for Bart McLeod, the geek, then continue to my Zend Framework blog.

If you just need me, then you have a few options, depending on how urgent your request is:

  1. Call me on my mobile phone: +31(0)6 51518971
  2. Call me at the office +31(0)26 3392952
  3. Drop me an e-mail
  4. Tweet at me @bartmcleod
  5. Write me a letter: Bart McLeod, Middenlaan 47, 6869 VN, Heveadorp, The Netherlands

Thanks for getting in touch!